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New Flash Treatment PRICE 12€


Βy the end of winter period,  we are ready to have some facial treatments that are usually forbidden during the summer days. As we are passing over to spring, trying to get rid of everything that is overbearing, beauty comes  in front of the line for all women. So, only for February, we are offering a new special price for the new flash treatment. Check out more:

Start with a peeling procedure and continue with serum and a facial mask which add a more shiny effect. Whitening agents contained in them “correct” the skin tone adding more brightness to the skin.




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Lenga Grape Spa

The first Greek cosmetics grape based, inspired by the vineyards of the winery Domaine Avantis Evia.

Lovie Cosmetics

Moisturizing creams, soft body lotion, body butter that moisturise the skin and quickly absorbed without leaving any trace of greasiness. Greek products without Parabens, guaranteed quality Lovie Cosmetics.


Phytocosmetic products, hypoallergenic, dermatologically and microbiologically tested. Eco friendly package. Against animal testing. 100% made in Italy from a company that respects enviroment in every level of production.