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Genosys Dermafix microneedling therapy


At the beginning of 2017 Beauty La Fee Salon recommends you a clinic professional mesotherapy with an automatic pen device for microneedling therapy.


Nice price 49 € / session

* Special discounts for more than one scheduled session.

It helps increase the absorption rate of the active ingredients by creating physical pathways through skin. It stimulates collagen and elastin production by natural wound healing response leading to rejuvenated youthful skin.
Really effects skin firming, lifting and brightening, but also improves the fine lines and wrinkles, acne scares, burn scares, stretch marks or contract pores. It is a completely safe non-injection treatment particularly popular for its impressive results at face and body, and is based on the natural regenerative activity of the skin and the simultaneous penetration of active ingredients. The treatment is applied in face and neck with results from the first session, which lasts one hour.



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