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Give your skin the care it deserves! Enjoy a deep steam cleansing. The export of circumstances skin sebum made by hand and followed the disinfection process and moisturizing facial. Use hypoallergenic facial cosmetics, depending on the skin type. Cleansing helps your skin to breathe and anazogonithei by Fmoc, dust and everyday hassle.


Facial Cleansing with emulsion and tonic
Peeling mechanical face (grained) or enzymatic (creamy), depending on the skin
Stay steamed and sebum export
Antiseptics with high frequency, or using a local antibiotic cream, if necessary
Serum and facial mask according to skin needs (usually sedatives)
Finish with appropriate moisturizer or sunscreen
Duration: 100-120 minutes


And troubling your topic of acne, remember that the opening of closed pores is the beginning for a facial acne problem. The same steam cleansing process and export sebum becomes more carefully in order to avoid excessive irritation of personnel, and any contaminants. Used cosmetic products (non comedogenic = limiting the secretion of sebum) especially for acne skin, so as not to incur more.
For more dramatic results in cases of severe acne can be combined with vegetable peeling.


The vegetable peeling indicated for deep cleansing (exfoliation). This treatment is suitable for oily skin and acne, dull or aged, with scars, blemishes and relaxation, designed to provide compensation and rebuilding. Specific herbs are mixed with an acidic lotion and give a product sufficiently strong to cause the complete renewal of the skin. Friction induced by the product causes the skin to be peeled off while the skin regeneration is activated. Thus, the skin refreshed itself naturally. Three days after the hydration treatment followed for the full discharge of scabs (crusts) skin.
proper sun protection is needed over the course of time to avoid generating freckles.


Those who have heard and wondered about these notorious AHA, is a concentrated cocktail of fruit acids acid content of 20% to 40%. Using this method of treatment is a peeling with fruit acids to a depth reaching the removal of dead cells from the skin and thereby increasing the hydration levels with subsequent use moisturizer. So, help the skin look clean, toned and youthful. Suitable for persons with dull skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots, uneven skin tone, acne scars and generally oily skin.

1. Skin Cleansing with emulsion and tonic
2. Position acid and stay up to 15 ‘max appropriate
3. Neutralize acid and using reconstructive mask
4. Finish with the appropriate moisturizer and sunscreen necessary

Duration: 60 minutes

* The treatment may be applied to other parts of the body, for example on the hands, for limiting scar, including dark spots occur in older people.


This is a series of treatments, which are applied according to the skin type in order to hydration, skin tightening and anti-aging. When implemented using a variety of cosmetic products, for peeling shedding dead kytarron, local massage with serum, facial mask, the active ingredients of which may differ depending on the skin type and treatment. The treatment ends with proper facial cream.


This is a new facial treatment for quick renewal and shine. With the key step of peeling, with the aim of cell renewal of the skin and continue with serum and mask, which give more shine. After this procedure, the skin is visibly more radiant and relaxed in just a few minutes. Simultaneously, bleaching agents contained in these “correct” hue giving brightness to the skin. It is an ideal choice for brides candidate, but also for women who want a quick and effective treatment.

Duration: 50 minutes


Choose a professional, separate treatment for dark circles and beyond. We use products with chrysin, hesperidin, beta-glucan and the combination of firming agents that help to remain in excellent condition microcirculation, corrects dark circles under the eyes, as well as small wrinkles. The result will impress you and your eyes feel more rested than ever.


This is an innovative treatment system for the eye area based on plant growth factors, stem cells from herbal extracts and bio-peptides. It offers effective treatment for dark circles, bags, expression wrinkles and aging, with microneedling method. The method is based on creation of the conveying passages under the skin, the mesoderm, using the disk eye roller. The roller has a lot of small spikes diamond shaped, to minimize skin injury, made of steel, to avoid allergies creation. Without needles, pain and irritation, enjoying a convenient and effective treatment of the eye area.

1. Gentle cleansing the eye area with cleaner
2. Application of serum (serum) in a gentle massage area
3. Scroll to disk eye roller across the region, especially in the “crow’s feet”, until the product is absorbed
4. Application of the eye gel patches, mesh sheets. This mask soothes and moisturizes the skin after treatment
5. Complete the process by spreading the special eye cream

Duration: 45 minutes


FOTOANAPLASI  second generation pulsed light technology has the same spectacular results as the laser technology. With the implementation of photorejuvenation person trying to activate the skin internally, better and more lasting effect. Suitable for skin in need toning, firming and anti-aging. The red light spectrum stimulates blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and the production of fibroblasts. The flow of the lymphatic system becomes better and the skin is released from accumulated data and toxins that prevent nourishment. From the very first application is visible skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.
* Our beauty center has been certified for the safe and effective use of Apilux the academy Dectro Canada.


The same pulsed light technology, applying the photobleaching in hyperpigmentation of any etiology, namely chloasma (extensive spots), freckles, age spots. Hormonal disorders, the sun, pregnancy are the most common causes for the hypersecretion of melanin, which is why the skin looks dark and tired. By photobleaching the skin darkness receding and the skin color becomes uniform and normal. The effect is evident and the skin looks whiter after 20-30 days and after skin peeling.
* Our beauty center has been certified for the safe and effective use of Apilux the academy Dectro Canada.

 Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες: 2310 90 33 88 (Δευτέρα έως Σάββατο 10:00-20:00) | Παράδοση 1-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες 
Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες: 2310 90 33 88 (Δευτέρα έως Σάββατο 10:00-20:00) | Παράδοση 1-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες
 Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες: 2310 90 33 88 (Δευτέρα έως Σάββατο 10:00-20:00) | Παράδοση 1-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες 
Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες: 2310 90 33 88 (Δευτέρα έως Σάββατο 10:00-20:00) | Παράδοση 1-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες