Frequantly Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. Will my skin be irritated after a facial treatment ?

Your face will be most likely, slightly irritated. The irritation usually disappears within 24 hours. It depends, of course, on your skin type and the sensitivity it has in cases of mechanical pressure or increasing temperature (from steam).

2. What is herbal-natural peeling and in which cases is it most appropriate?

]It is a peeling treatment that is based on a mixture of various herbs (spongilla, lacustris, s.fragilis, leidy, ephydatia, fluviatitis).  Αn acidic lotion is added to the  mix creating a pulp , which is placed on the skin causing it to peel. All this happens because of the friction that takes part with strong exfoliation effects. The ultimate aim is a full skin replenishment, not just for the upper layer of the skin but the lower layers as well. It is ideal for treating mild or more severe acne cases and has antibacterial properties. It is also appropriate for anti-aging methods, treating discolorations, smoothing out scars or healing other skin damages.

3. How are false eye-lashes applied?

There are two kinds of false eyelashes: a strip and an eyelash extension. In both cases we use a special hypoallergenic adhesive, that doesn’t irritate the eyes. The eye lash strip lasts less than 24 hours, while eyelash extensions on the other hand are attached to the natural lashes and can last up to one month. In both cases they come in various sizes, which are adapted to the physical size of the lash and gives us the final desired result. It is absolutely safe and does not cause any irritation to the eyes. Their removal can be very easy by spreading oil on them or applying an oily based eye make-up remover.

4. What is included in the weight loss programs?

The weight loss programs are a combination of machinery (passive exercise) and cosmetic applications. The machines are used for losing inches in mass weight, fat burning or tightening and activating the metabolism. Applications include cosmetic cellulite massage and cryotherapy. The weight loss treatments tend to vary from 8 to 30 visits depending on the severity of the problem. If necessary or desired by the client it can be combined with available counseling from our professional dietitian.

5. What is photo-epilation ?

It is a hair removal treatment method, which gives a permanent result in hair loss for hair growth and it uses a broad spectrum of light. Just as in any laser treatment it uses the melanin of the hair with an ultimate aim to distinguish the hair root. Due to this reason it has a better result on thick and black hair. It usually takes up to 6-8 visits to complete the treatment. However, in each case, 10 % of the hair keeps growing back. Treatments are performed every 40-50 days and only if new hair starts growing back. The Apilux 2G system is second generation technology and uses an internal cooling system of the laser head, so when it comes into contact with the skin it causes a slight anesthesia effect and reduces the pain.

6. What is the difference between laser treatment and photo-epilation ?

The main difference is the radiation of the wavelength that is used in each method. The three categories of lasers are alexandrite lasers at 755nm, the diode at 800-810nm and the Nd-YAG at 1064nm. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the radiation beam goes and this is a factor for heating and eliminating the entire hair follicle. In the Apilux 2G photo-epilation system a pulsed light is used with a spectral range of 610 – 1200nm, which means it can even destroy follicles located deeper in the skin. Some other differences, such as whether to apply or not to shaved or not shaven areas if using cold air or a cooling system to minimize the pain depends on the type of the machine model and the manufacturing company. Recent investigations have shown that the photo-epilation method is safer for the skin minimizing the possibility of a burn.

7. In which areas can we apply the photo-epilation treatment ?

Photo-epilation can be applied to all areas of the body, without any exception, but is more effective in areas where thick black hair grows. It has a better effect on the body and especially in areas like the bikini and underarms. Without, of course, this meaning that the rest of the areas cannot be achieved with a desired result eliminating hair growth, after the required time visits.

The application of photo-epilation on the face may need more than one sessions than the average (7-8), usually because the hair of this region is thinner and lighter. On the other hand keep in mind that hair growth depends on the hormonal agents of the human body.

8. In which cases is electrolysis hair removal applied ?

The electrolysis hair removal method is usually applied to the face and when the amount of hair is small. It can also be applied in other areas of the body with reduced hair growth, such as the abdomen and chest. This is because every hair particle is removed individually. It is worth mentioning that it can be combined with photo-epilation for best results. The number of sessions depend on the hair regrowth rate. It is the only method that guarantees a factor of 100% hair removal.

9. How can i get rid of face freckles ?

There are several ways to eliminate face freckles. The one that we propose and apply in our salon is the photo-whitening method using the Apilux 2G technology. With the use of pulsed light a gradual discoloration is achieved for the face stains and freckles. The treatment is repeated every 20 to 30 days and requires a total of 5-6 visits, depending on how much darker the face stains are and their existed time. Another effective method is the use of fruit acids (AHA). It is a cosmetic treatment that causes a drastic gradual exfoliation of the skin. This method is gentler in comparison with the photo-whitening treatment and that’s why it needs to be frequently repeated.

10. What is Photo-rejuvenation ?

It is an effective method of anti-aging and facial tightening. In this case it applies the technology of pulsed light (Apilux 2G). The red light spectrum stimulates the blood circulation and the production of collagen and elastin. Thus the skin is reconstructed naturally. However, when combined with special facial masks we achieve a better result!

11. Are my e-shop payment transactions safe ?

All transactions with credit ορ debit card charge are made via Piraeus Bank, one of the largest Greek banks, which provide secure servers for all credit card orders and they safely handle all your personal data on the web. You can also use PayPal for your transactions, an internationally recognized electronic trading platform.

12. Can I order online without charging my credit card ?

There are two ways of not being charged with your credit card. You can order with COD (cash on delivery) but only in Greece and Cyprus with an extra charge of 3 euros and 7 euros respectively. You can also choose  the shipping method  “Receive goods from Beauty Institute “La Fee”, so you can pay your order with cash upon receipt and will not be charged with any more transportation costs.

 Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες: 2310 90 33 88 (Δευτέρα έως Σάββατο 10:00-20:00) | Παράδοση 1-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες 
Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες: 2310 90 33 88 (Δευτέρα έως Σάββατο 10:00-20:00) | Παράδοση 1-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες
 Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες: 2310 90 33 88 (Δευτέρα έως Σάββατο 10:00-20:00) | Παράδοση 1-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες 
Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες: 2310 90 33 88 (Δευτέρα έως Σάββατο 10:00-20:00) | Παράδοση 1-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες